Jesus the pattern for America’s liberty

I am a Christian devoted to serving Christ Jesus. I am a veteran privileged to serve 20 years in the greatest Navy this world has ever seen. I am just a man, a father, and a grandfather. After serving with many other great veterans, deeply considering the beginnings of our nation, the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution what I describe below is how I view our great flag and the National Anthem that so often accompanies its presence.

The flag has 13 stripes as it had 13 stars originally. The stars alternate red and white. The red signifies the blood shed by those contending for national freedom. That blood is as to seed unto liberty. Just as Jesus carries the blood that cleanses us from our sins in His body, every service member carries this liberty giving blood in their veins.

The white stripe depicts the pure liberty purchased with the blood shed by our fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters. Notice, the white stripe is followed by another red stripe. Although these stripes depict a symmetry on our flag, the cost in national treasure will always be disproportionate to the liberty we enjoy. Unlike our Savior who bled and died once for our eternal freedom, our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coastguardsmen must continually fill the washtub of freedom with their shed blood. From this washtub, our nation is cleansed of its leader’s tendency to tyranny. For this reason, we find the red and white stripes alternating and finally ending with that bloodshed to carry our future liberty.

Just as our reconciliation with God the Father is achieved through Jesus salvation wrought on the cross and unity is born through that Savior, our national unity is wrought through the sacrifice of those who serve. The blue in our flag represents that unity. It surrounds every star, guides each one, maintaining their equal independence from one another, but providing powerful cooperative devotion pooling their strength to maintain liberty.

The stars are bright, pure themselves in their earned liberty, and equal in size and space in the blue space of unity. Each star represents an individual light in an overall brighter testimony of truth in our national freedom just as the light of Christ in each believer testifies of their individual salvation in Jesus. As Jesus is truth living in us, so to each state has the truth of the rule of law living within them.

To this Christian, Veteran, Father, Grandfather I see all of this every time I see a flag, every time I hear our national anthem which was written over an event that focused on maintaining a risen flag to deny defeat. If you do not know the truth surrounding the writing of our anthem, you should discover it. It was wrought through the observation of Francis Scott Key as many men sacrificed their lives to hold the flag erect as shells showered the base. The British commander ordered the flag’s base be targeted when bombarding Fort McHenry to bring down the flag. Men literally became the flag stand as they took their place at the base. There were many direct hits that decimated the base and those men “but our flag was still there.” Our anthem and our flags are about freedom and liberty; it is about fighting and giving the ultimate sacrifice for something larger than any one person. Freedom and liberty are forged through the crucible of sacrifice and selflessness.

This is my country. This is the truth of its humble beginnings. This is the membership I am privileged, honored, and humbled to be counted among the throng.

God Bless America. Thank you all for your service. God go with you in the salvation of Christ, the pattern for all our beginnings.

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Thank you

ThankyouWe’ve begun receiving donations helping complete our last push to finish Wyoming. We received an especially wonderful one yesterday. I thought I’d share their comments with you.

We first heard of the Aitken Bible Project when you presented at our church, Westside Baptist in Jillette, several years ago. We were both encouraged at hearing the historical facts regarding our country’s Christian heritage, yet we are discouraged when we see how far our nation has strayed from those founding truths. We are thankful for ministries like yours that are actively seeking to make a difference by sharing God’s word – the only hope we all have in this life… the only answers to all our nation’s problems. We are glad to come along side this ministry, especially as you take on the task and expense of this latest Bible printing. God Bless!

We relish these notes and the generous gift they provided was made all the more precious. Ladies and gentlemen, I know many of you are considering what you can give. Large donations are certainly welcome, the quicker we can achieve our $12,000 goal, the better. But we appreciate all gifts and we are cognizant of the sacrifices you make to give us every dollar you send. Thank you for all you do for our country through your testimony.


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Testimony from our Bible Printer

I recently sent out an email update concerning our situation, that we have to find some consistent support to meet our goals and finish Wyoming. The quoted statement below was a response from Director John Lawton Jeffcoat III. This has been slightly edited to fit this format.

“Pastor Tim Senter and Friends,

… I wanted to express to everyone that we are very pleased to have worked with Pastor Tim Senter in the past to provide these Bibles for the project, and we are hopeful to be able to provide them again on a larger scale, as Pastor Senter (has) explained.

I wish to echo Pastor Senter’s call for support of his ministry project (and no, he did not ask me to do this). To be able to get God’s Word into the hands of those in positions of power is a unique opportunity. To be able to do so for as little as a few dollars per crafully-selected and influential recipient is an amazingly efficient and effective use of ministry funds.

I personally gave one of these very same special Bibles that pastor Senter is talking about to conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, (one of only 9 Supreme Court Justices in the United States) and he sent me back a hand-written letter thanking me for it, and informing me that this special Bible is one of few items that he keeps on his desk every day!

As proof of this, please see the attached photograph of his letter.

What a precious intimate conversation with one of the most influential men in our nation.

What a precious intimate conversation with one of the most influential men in our nation.

The 1782 Robert Aitken Bible was a King James Version Bible, which was the first English Bible printed in America, and the only Bible ever printed by recommendation of the U.S. Congress. If you wish to see photos and read more about it… here is a link:…/aitken-1782.html

Now to clarify… that $149 deluxe leather edition is not the binding being used for this ministry project. Pastor Senter is a very good steward of the funds donated to this project, and he has selected a very nice and much more affordable synthetic leather-like binding which can be provided for less than 10% the cost of the deluxe leather editions (under $15 each). You can be assured that your donations are not being spent frivolously, but rather, they are being spent very efficiently and effectively in reaching very powerful and influential people who are able to effect change in our nation much more-so than the average citizen could do.

We know “the Word of God does not return void”, but the Word of God does need to be provided in the first place in order for there to be any possibility of return at all.

Unfortunately, the average “Christian”, according to recent Pew Research polls, gives less than 2% of their income to support any church or ministry. That’s a far cry from anything even approaching a “tithe” by any definition, and a poor example of obeying our Lord’s command to “build up treasures in heaven” by supporting Christian ministry where we can do so.

Did you know… Jesus further tells us in His parable of the master and his three servants, that we are to carefully invest the Lord’s money (our offerings) where it will produce the greatest return for the Master’s Kingdom. We are all very careful in selecting where we invest our own moneyfor maximum return-on-investment for our retirement accounts. We don’t just dump it all into a bank savings account paying 0.05% interest and say “done!” We study our options, and get professional financial advice, and select stocks, mutual funds, precious metals, and even real estate very carefully to maximize the return in building up our own personal “kingdom”.

Doesn’t God’s Kingdom deserve that same level of careful consideration regarding where the dollars we donate are actually the most EFFECTIVE for God’s Kingdom? Does God want us to just dump 100% of our tithes and offerings into a church collection plate and say “Done! It’s not my responsibility to determine how it’s spent. I did my part.” I think not. I think the Bible is actually pretty clear about that.

I invite you to prayerfully consider this opportunity to support Pastor Senter’s project.

Indeed the only way in which I would differ from Pastor Senter’s modest and humble plea is in his asking you to support him with $10 or $20. I think we can do better than that for the Lord’s work. I would like to ask you to consider sending in a support gift of at least a few hundred dollars.

Indeed, I am sure that there are 10 of you who can provide a gift of just $1,200 to provide 100 of these Bibles. He only needs $12,000 to print all 1,000 or them.

I’m sure there is one of you than can send in the full $12,000, and single-handedly meet this need.

Let’s stop playing around, and get this done.
Build up some treasure for yourself in heaven, step out on faith, and put God to the test as He invites
you to do in Malachi 3: 10.
Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house.
And thereby put me to the test, says the LORD of hosts, if I will not open the windows
of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need.
Malachi 3: 10

Don’t send your checks to me. Send them to Tim Pastor Senter. Do it today.

Thank you for your time and your prayerful consideration.

And Tim: I am praying boldly that your project will be entirely funded within the next week as a result
of this outreach. Call me, and let’s get these 1,000 Bibles printed.


John Lawton Jeffcoat III
1-800-422-6243 or 407-996-4400
GREATSITE.COM – World’s Largest Rare Bible Dealer “

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True Freedom

John_8-32True freedom comes from knowing the truth in scripture (John 8:32). Those in the world claim freedom in life is a life absent of God. Consider this perspective. If your life is focused solely on earth you limit yourself to this physical life, the inconsistency that surrounds you, a life born in chaos. If we relegate ourselves to this life alone, there is no hope and no assurance of survival. Everything is bound to this existence, everything is tenuous. One cannot know when they will die. Life exists only to exist. Each individual must vie for themselves. This truly becomes a world that thrives on survival of the fittest. Everyone without Christ in their life has no future to consider outside this confused, torn and unsatisfying life.

Freedom comes from fearlessness. Consider the depth of Revelation 21:8which begins, “But the fearful…” and ends, “shall have their place in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” Those are individuals fearful of the world, fearful of God and the things of God, fearful to face their own iniquities and seek reconciliation and redemption from them, fearful of all things. These people cower at the thought of any question of their personal character, they want no debate, they are content where they are spiritual in a soup of ambiguity. They fear death, they fear all things in life that can bring about death. They have no freedom, but are shackled to this life. They do not know real terror because when this life ends, they will face a terrifying judgment from an all powerful God. Then, as King Belshazzar did in Daniel 5:6, they will loose control of themselves in horror as they realize their arrogance in the face of the King of the Universe.

True freedom is a desire to live outside ones self. To live on the grand plane God’s Kingdom, His Majesty, honor, glory and power at our disposal as we seek to worship him through His Son.This is freedom. We see a future existence in a place of perfect harmony, perfect existence.

What is the truth that sets man free? Knowing that on the other side of death is not a dreaded unknowable existence. One does not have to wonder if there is life after death, what that life entails or where it will be lived out. Freedom from this world is provided in knowing God loves us enough to send His Son to die for us, providing us a mansion in a perfect Heavenly Kingdom. Freedom lies in the existence of the Son. Freedom is not in this life, but rests in another existence all together with an individual whom has experienced both this and the other eternal life. Freedom is in Christ Jesus.

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A Theocratic America

The world's theocracies have always resulted in autocracy. This due to man's propensity to gather power unto himself through every action.

The world’s theocracies have always resulted in autocracy. This due to man’s propensity to gather power unto himself through every action.

Scripture is clear about false teachers. They sound smart, say things that seem intellectual and are charismatic or authoritative. They talk in broad sweeping statements about “religion” often portraying dedicated fundamental faith as lacking intellectual acumen. Matthew 7:15 tells us to beware of false prophets who appear to be timid and mild, they will devour you as wolves. In Colossians 2:8 we are warned against being deceived by the world’s philosophies driven by human traditions. 2 Peter 2:1-22 tells us that these false teachers will bring destructive heresies and actually deny Jesus. 2 John 10 tells us we should show false teachers no hospitality. Like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day, John 8:44 says they serve and speak for Satan. If Jesus was direct and intolerant of false teachers, we should be too. There is no room for it. Playing politically nice can give someone a false sense of validity even in their error. As much as we want to be nice, with an eternal spiritual existence in the balance, we cannot always afford that. Jesus gave false teachers no quarter calling them “generation of vipers,” “serpents,” and Paul said their mouths were open graves. (Matthew 3:723:33Romans 3:13)

Many attempt to explain what America would look like if it were a Christian theocracy. The idea that Jesus, God the Father or for that matter the Holy Spirit might want to establish a theocracy, or have world wide dominance in this temporal existence through God’s people is fundamentally flawed. The concept displays ignorance of Jesus purpose and teachings, and the Bible as a whole. Tying the activity of such a society to Old Testament standards, repercussions for immoral behavior, et, al, further highlights a lacking knowledge of scripture, Christ and the New Covenant. We often see religious professors write about such things. They write either to showcase their supposed vast understanding of the religions of the world. More often than not they believe all religions are equal. Some write to scare people, to purport the idea that Christians want such a government. Some write to simply opine a theory. In any case their identity with our temporal existence and the choice to limit God to the same finite life, naturally distorts perspective and understanding. God is far more grand than we can fathom (Isaiah 55:8-10).

Why could there never be a Christian theocracy? Simple, Jesus never wanted one nationally or globally. Since believers want what He wants we should never want those things. First, look at the attempts to force an Old Testament society into this paradigm. Proposing the idea that a Christian theocracy would implement Old Testament regulations and rituals is clearly absent of scriptural understanding. Jesus said,

Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy but to fulfill. (Matthew 5:17).

When a false teacher begins to demand Old Testament societal standards, they do not understand Jesus. Jesus fulfilled all of it (Matthew 5:18). Everything is fulfilled in Christ. Marry this with the New Covenant passages (Jeremiah 31:31Hebrews 8:81312:24) and we understand the laws are to be written on our hearts our minds. Like King David said in Psalm 51:17, it is about the heart of an individual, not a national or global change. This is not a discussion about Israel, that is wholly different. This is a discussion about whether or not God would want a theocracy on earth, let alone what it might look like.

Second, understand Jesus never wanted such a kingdom. He said,

My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence. (John 18:36)

Jesus followers tried to enthrone Him. He thwarted those affronts to accomplish His true mission, salvation of the world’s souls through self-sacrificial atonement on the cross and His vicarious death. (John 6:1512:13Luke 19:38). Probably the most compelling argument is in Satan’s temptations in Matthew 4:8-9. He offered Jesus all the kingdoms He could see. Jesus said,

Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.(Matthew 4:10)

Why would Jesus never want a theocratic nation or world? He already has one and it will be erected here on earth in accordance with the Father’s timing and decision (Matthew 13:32). Jesus already controls everything (John 3:3513:3). When everything is completed in God’s plan, a perfect new Heaven and earth will be created for God’s glory (Revelation 21:1-2). There will be a theocracy that is perfect and undefiled, free from sin, sickness and death. For many reasons that will never happen in this temporal world, not the least of which is the faithlessness of most of mankind.

When there is a theocracy it will be universal stretching past the stars. Everyone will believe in the one true God of the Bible. His theocracy is not limited to our current meager physical world, or to a trifling single nation thereon. Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords (1 Timothy 6:15Revelation 17:1419:16). He establishes and removes kings (Daniel 2:20-21).

Desires for a theocracy are far afield of God’s desires for man to have a personal relationship with Him. Jesus avoided all those who attempted to politicize His message, enthrone Him or place Him into a temporally limited and finite leadership position in our world. God wants your mind, heart, soul and strength not devotion to a temporal kingdom. He wants your full unfettered faith in Him. Even His Heavenly kingdom is secondary to that desire as He left it to come here and sacrifice Himself on the cross for you. It is a shame that anyone would limit God to the world. But, that is all that many can see. Open your heart, mind and soul to greater things than this torn existence. Open them to Christ and His full freedom (John 8:3214:6).

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America, Land of the Free

Never forget, they are Americans, and so are you.

Never forget, they are Americans, and so are you.

Ladies and gentlemen, the key to life is liberty. Liberty is only born from one who can give it. Only the individuals denies themself liberty. Salvation in Christ can only be provided through Jesus, the Savior. Only the individual  denies themself salvation. If we do not understand the founder’s parallels to spiritual and national freedom we completely miss our Lord and do not understand our nation.

The reasons for both of these truths (not understanding our Lord or our nation) are wide ranging, deep, contemptuous and satanic. There is not enough room here to deal with these truths. What we have time to deal with is the parallels of salvation and liberty both spiritually and nationally.

I believe that God infuses each nation with an imprint that becomes their national persona. Israel was imprinted with the fortitude to stand in the face of great danger each day, surrounded by enemies on all sides at all times. America was imprinted with a desire for freedom and liberty.

This imprint projects from each convulsion of the heart muscle, it is pressed into each blood cell. When American’s bleed in the fight, we seed freedom on the shores around the world. There are great evidences of these deep seated desires of freedom.

First, no other nation helps more people both in their own nation and in other nations than America. We help more and support more than any other. Equally, only Christians have regularly established missions, churches, schools and gone into dangerous places not to conquer, but to share spiritually healing blood of Christ. Only Christians have established places just to help people, to share spiritual liberty with them, not to gather people unto a national identification, but free them to a heavenly identification. Though in our times of crisis we receive very little or no aid, it has never stopped us from giving aid to anyone in need. That also exhibits the selfless love of our Savior.

Second, as noted above freedom to do these things is provided to all mankind. Only America fights to free nations from tyranny and oppression and does not force capitulation to America. We know freedom and we share what we know and fight for others to have it. WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea and Kuwait are perfect examples. Some may say there were alternative motives, probably. But the baseline truth is that American’s fought and died in foreign lands to help nations free themselves from tyrants, autocrats, warlords and megalomaniac dictators. We do this because Jesus fought spiritually to free us from the tyrant of sin, the autocrat of damnation, the satanically controlled warlords of the world and the megalomania of Satan. Jesus fought and died to free you but He did not force you into His Kingdom. He introduces himself to you, gives you the faith to believe in His salvation, but does not force you to believe.

Third, our national identification with Jesus as Christians demands we emulate Him, do as He did, love as He loved, act fearlessly as He acted fearlessly! Only that freedom, pure and unfettered provided our victory on the foreign fields. We paid a high price for all of our freedom. Only men and women who knew they would come home to freedom, who knew they were fighting to sustain their children’s, families and future grandchildren’s freedoms can fight selflessly with a proud beating heart.

In the American, freedom and liberty pumps through the body by a heart bathed in it. Freedom and liberty course through the veins as its preciousness is imprinted on each blood cell. Freedom and liberty are perfected as they stand and fight to save not to dominate; they fight to preserve, not persecute. Carry on their fight! We are American’s!

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Civility in Discourse

Can't we just talk without the hate?

Can’t we just talk without the hate?

Freedom of religion is a freedom of conscience in practice, whatever you believe. We Christians, as exemplified by the wisdom of the comments from our founding fathers have that right as much as the next. How a narrow sighted ruling of the sort our Supreme Court can effect our free exercise thereof is by compelling by force of government power that I, as a pastor, be forced to conduct and condone something I do not believe in. This then is not about religion, but about the ability to live by freely exercising our very concsience and being forced by way of government to conform to a society set on a path at odds with the Christian conscience, a conscience I freely and willingly submit to God, and His word that guides me, His Spirit that convicts and teaches me, and His Son who saved me and lives through me. This government oppression took place throughout Europe as both Protestant and Catholic churches tried to force their own flavor of religion upon the Christians of the reformation.

Understand, not once did I say my conscience should be forced upon you for government cannot do that either, but that we both exercise this conviction in our lives and be able to have discourse concerning these convictions in a civil and cordial manner. This discourse should be welcomed as part of the human experience we call life. Only humans can have this discourse, only humans contemplate their moral character, only humans discuss the challenges of decision making and how to live life as a whole. This discussion should take place with zeal and civility but Satan has seen fit to make it a vitriolic hatred in practice and tyrannical oppression in function.

While only the despot attempts to quell discourse and debate as part of their desire for control and societal conformity, the Christian encourages and enjoys discussion. I can believe what I believe and you what you believe and both without bigotry with free expression thereof. You may think I am wrong, I may think you are misguided but neither of us should be forced to believe or practice the other’s conviction as part of our discourse in life, THAT is unconstitutional and smacks of tyranny. We are quickly spiraling into that pit of tyranny. During intellectual discussions, civility demands passion, but controls verbal abuse and degenerative verbiage. This respect we should have for one another has faded dramatically from our societal cohesion to develop and promote societal division.

Lest you think I may be a pro-theocratic, let me be clear. My faith and my beliefs have always been the most persecuted throughout time until (and even suffering persecution in them) our colonies were founded. Like unto John Jay, first Supreme Court Justice of our great nation, I would identify with the Heugonauts (Jay was a descendent of Heugonauts) of old, the Ana-baptists who were persecuted by the nationalized churches of Catholicism and Protestantism. Now, again as is a norm in history we will suffer through man’s hubris. Our period of repreave is over. We will and even now are again being thrown into the fires of judgment because God is turning us over to the sins of America and all it will bear fruit of in its fruition. (Romans 1:2426)

It is not theocracy, but freedom we want, on both sides. Without that freedom we as believers in Christ Jesus will be forced into prison just for saying you need salvation from your sins, just for beginning a discussion in an attempt to encourage reconciliation with God. Regardless, our love for mankind and our Lord runs deep and we will still reach out to share His gospel. Unfortunately for mankind, this gospel includes recognition of personal sin. We must share these truths. That this gospel convicts the soul and is rejected out of the desire to escape that conviction cannot be our concern, just as the unbeliever’s desire to share their conviction for what they consider to be “tolerance.” Pastors will be jailed or fined or both for refusing to perform weddings because of our beliefs. Businesses will be forced to tow an immoral line or not participate in the market place (Revelation 13:17). We will either conform to the religions of fascism, secularism, atheism and humanism or be ruined politically, financially and socially outcast.

In passion, we are not much unlike one another. We will stand by our convictions regardless the price and we may some day make this world a more tolerant place to be. However, the tolerance currently being forced upon the people of the world is one intolerant of diversity, the prevailing falsehood of relative truth.

Please consider, in responses to Christians the attacks are personal to the individual, or an identified group, christianophobic if you will, fearful. The Christian is only sharing God’s standards therefore the regular mistake made is in attribution. God in His word sets out the standards of life and living, the Christian only shares them and is not (or should not be!) the judge. But we are human and unfortunately not necessarily prone to the love we should exhibit in Christ. Yes, that means Christians, but especially unbelievers.

The Bible says we can love only because Jesus first loved us.

1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 19 We love him, because he first loved us.

In our early years we had a better opportunity for a perfect love as there were a greater portion ( I believe) of believers in our nation. Those numbers have dwindled and with it our capacity to love selflessly, honestly, completely.

Find the real Christ and His love, it will press out the hate for mankind in the inevidable discussion of faith and politics. Instead of being fearful of offending others, we are to welcome communication of all sorts. Instead of being angered at challenging beliefs, we should enjoy learning what others believe while standing fast on our own faith. I believe Christ’s loving salvation will free you from the chaotic tentacles of the world. Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.

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A Story

Thank you for your service, for your sacrifice.

Thank you for your service, for your sacrifice.

On December 4th 2006, PFC Ross A. McGinnis, 1St Platoon, C Company, 1St Battalion, 26Th Infantry Regiment, 2Nd Brigade Combat Team, 1St Infantry Division, 2Nd Bct, 2Id, purposefully gave his life to save four others. On patrol in the Adhamiyah area of Baghdad, he was in the humvee gunner’s seat when an insurgent perfectly lobbed a grenade past him into the vehicle. It landed below him on the floor. He immediately yelled “Grenade…it’s in the truck.” PFC McGinnis could have gone right up out of his seat exiting the vehicle. He made a different choice as he looked at his fellow-soldiers crouched in the corners, on the edges, as far as one can get from a grenade in a humvee. He chose their lives over his own. He climbed down, covered the grenade and took the full explosive force, suffered the entire violence in his own body, absorbed the pain, suffering and punishment himself that was intended for others. Those facts are true. He was a soldier that gave the ultimate sacrifice for his fellow soldiers. PFC McGinnis is an American hero.

What follows has not happened. This is just an illustration. What do you think would happen if those four men saved by PFC McGinnis’ went to the McGinnis home and did the following:

The soldiers: “Hello Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis, may we come in, visit you and honor you?”

Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis: “Yes, please come in (maybe a little puzzled by the choice of words).”

The soldiers: “We just wanted to personally thank you for saving our lives, give you the honor and glory for that day near Baghdad. We wanted to offer ourselves to your service for the salvation you gave us, for the life you gave us, for all you did for us.”

Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis: “Pardon me?”

The soldiers: “We want to recognize you for saving our lives and because you saved our lives that day, we want to at least say whatever we can to show you our appreciation. We may not actually do anything, we may not actually come weekly to pay homage to you, but we want to at least say we honor you, we voice belief in you, thank you for our salvation.”

Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis: “Don’t you mean Ross, our son? You could show us your appreciation by honoring him. He gave his life to save yours.”

The soldiers: “No, we wanted to come here to your home, be welcomed, and thank you. You are the ones in your home we choose to recognize. This is your home and we just want to live here thanking you. We want to serve and give your sacrifice meaning. Besides, people are tired of hearing Ross’ name and we just don’t want to offend anyone. You understand don’t you? In order not to offend the millions, we would just rather take this action and risk offending just you two. We still expect to live here though.”

None of these four soldiers would ever do such a thing. The soldiers would be ignoring PFC Ross McGinnis’ self-sacrificial act; the fact that he thought about what he was going to do and what would happen; the fact that he chose specifically to make the ultimate sacrifice for his fellow soldiers instead of fleeing. This was a conscious volitional act, done without hesitation or judgment. Not a single soldier would even contemplate such a disrespectful thing. They would with the utmost respect, deepest emotions and strongest passion thank Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis for their son. Any person whose life was saved by another wants to honor that sacrifice, that choice. That makes sense.

How do you think Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis would react? They love Ross still to this day. In their own words,

“He was a hero to us long before he died, because he was willing to risk his life to protect the ideals of freedom and justice that America represents…Ross gave these four men a gift, and that’s what it was…It can not be carried as a debt. A debt is something you can repay. A gift is something you enjoy. So live your lives, enjoy your lives, because it was a gift. Ross is the reason we’re here, and the reason Ross is not here is because his Army buddies were more important than life itself.”

How many say, “I believe in God.” How many of those deny Jesus Christ? How many believe they have to work, or do something to earn eternal life? How many think they have to work off their sins in some fashion, in some holding area between this life and the next? How many more claim to believe in the Father or the Son but never consider worship a priority, preferring sports, entertainment, sleeping-in or getting things done around the house? Ross McGinnis gave the last full measure of devotion for four lives on earth. Jesus gave the last full measure of devotion for every life eternally in heaven.

“And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” (1 John 5:11-12)

How does God react when we deny His Son’s sacrifice, when we do not utter the name Jesus, when we want to use politically correct speech and generally say, “I believe in God” instead of saying, “I believe in Jesus.” God the Father does not want recognition for what His Son did on the cross for you. If you respect that sacrificial gift, you will honor it properly. Anything else is tantamount to claiming the sacrifice was an entitlement. Like Ross, Jesus was already a hero to the Father before He left Heaven because He chose to give His life for the love that eternal life represents. If you have to work to enter Heaven in any way, you make Christ’s sacrifice empty. Ritualistic worship, confession, prayer, praying to anyone or anything besides the Son of God is offensive to the Father. How often do you tell the Father His Son’s sacrifice was not enough, or that you do not recognize Jesus’ death on the cross, or that entertainment and personal desires are more important?

To PFC Ross McGinnis for making the ultimate sacrifice and embodying, as our Savior modeled for you, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” We salute you sir.

To the Sgt 1st Class Thomas, Sgt Buehler, SSgt Newland and PFC Lawson in the humvee that day. Thank you for your service. Let PFC McGinnis continue to honor others through your selflessness. Continue to serve your country with honor, your communities with integrity, your families with virtue and Christlike character and you will honor McGinnis’s sacrifice.

To Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis. Thank you for your son and the selfless heart you cultivated in his breast. Few men give themselves to save one life, your son saved four.

This story and the testimony in it is about Jesus Christ and how the selflessness of America is born through Him, it speaks of our christian foundations, by christian men, from a christian doctrine the Holy Bible. People would not wonder why Ross would do such a thing if they knew more about our true founding fathers, their selflessness and the Selflessness that gave itself for our eternal lives. Selflessness runs through the Americans veins. Sacrifice is our foundation. That sacrifice is Jesus. We learn of Him in the Scriptures. Our founding fathers wanted our young people to hear about Jesus. They wanted all the people of the colonies to know Jesus as their personal savior. That is the reason the Aitken Bible was printed.

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The Price for Freedom

The sad truth is that the price for freedom has been paid many, many times and will continue to cost us much more. Why do we have to re-purchase our freedom with new blood spilt? Why does America seemingly never stop shedding blood for our freedom? Some believe we are so advanced and civilized now that all we need do is negotiate our differences and understand one another. Only uncivilized barbarism causes us to war, to fight, to draw blood and kill our fellow man. To many the hew and cry is, “Negotiate, don’t retaliate.” Will that work? Sometimes, when both sides are willing to honestly negotiate. Unfortunately, we live in a fractured world, a world disrupted and groaning under the pressure of sin (Romans 8:22). Further, Satan was a murder in the beginning, willing to shed others blood to promote his darkness.

Each individual who has lost loved ones, lost dear friends or even had to sit with others suffering loss ponder these same questions. They all amount to, “WHY!” It is so costly. It is so painful. It seems so meaningless. WHY!

The answer lies in scripture as it always does. Genesis 3:21 tells us God “make coats of skins, and clothed them.” The word “make” is a word that means He used something that already existed. Plainly, God used an animal. God used His power to kill one of His own created animals, shed its blood, so Adam and Eve could be clothed. They needed clothing because of their condition. Satan enticed them to sin, conspired to and succeeded in murdering them. He shed their spiritual blood and bound them over to sin. The blood of the animal needed to be shed to free Adam and Eve from these constraints.

Adam and Eve were chained to the world. They were in a position now, having sinned, that they had nowhere to go. Thorns and thistles now inhabited their perfect Eden. Adam also faced the fact that the land would not produce for their livelihood without his hands tilling the ground. Yet, they looked around and their lush garden had now turned into a dangerous and strange jungle. Where before the jungle was rich and pleasant in the garden, filled with fruit and water just waiting for them. Open areas to run and frolic in were perfect glades. Dense areas where vegetation and fruit grew were perfectly groomed. At any point one could taste a leaf, pluck a flower or smell fragrance without concern.

The Machineel tree is highly acidic. you cannot stand beneath it in rain. Just the runoff droplets will raise blisters on your skin.

The Machineel tree is highly acidic. you cannot stand beneath it in rain. Just the runoff droplets will raise blisters on your skin.

Outside their perfect garden home was a new jungle. Little daggers and spears, (thorns and thistles) covered the paths. Strange flowers grew that are poisonous to man: poison ivy, and oak, lilacs, azalea, oleander. Every step may have brought about a stabbing pain, or searing jab. We can hardly conceive how Adam and Eve may have seen life. Where once they could frolic and run through the lush greenery without concern, they now had razor grass and prickly bushes and plants whose sap alone would burn them. Right where they sat, unclothed, exposed to the foliage, they were imprisoned. They could not move without risk of injury. They could only watch as these bushes appeared or grew from nowhere before their very eyes.

God takes the initiative to care for His creation, protect those He loves, provide for their freedom even in this dangerous cursed existence. He exercises His power to fashion clothes from the skins of animals. He exercises His power to shed blood; power and shedding of blood are both required for the first freedoms from a sin stricken world.That is the pattern established by sin. God is not at fault, man is. Many ask why do I have to pay for the sin of Adam and Eve. That is another discussion.

On memorial day we celebrate those who willingly to stepped out and made that sacrifice required for our freedom. They may not have known the theological reasons or the true historic reasons. They may not even have known why they had to defend that hill, that village or that bridge. What they did know is that at any moment their blood could be spilt for the freedom of a nation to continue. Just as God’s great power was required and the blood of an animal to free Adam and Eve from the dangers of the world; the power of our great military and the blood of our best men and women must be expended on the battlefields today to free us from the shackles of despotism. Power and blood, that is the way it has always been whether we are talking about spiritual freedom from sin, or national freedom from tyranny.

Those of us who have lost someone, take comfort; you are free and they would have it no other way. They did not want to give their life, but it was required. Is it better that they give theirs willingly for a country and family they loved rather than be driven into service by a tyrant in another country? We pray for the difference in that truth with every passing day.

I am grateful. I have served with some fine men and women. I have shared close quarters with many of them. We have deployed together. Not all returned. I did and only our Lord God knows why. I did not have to pay that ultimate price for freedom. Am I grateful? Yes. Am I somewhat forlorn? Yes. I get to enjoy many things they do not.

The challenge we all might consider is whether or not we are worthy of that sacrifice. Boy, that one puts it in our lap. Let me start. I am not.

Perhaps a better question is, did they give their lives for me? That is pride; we all get stuck there. I guarantee you your name was not on their mind. You know who was. They were thinking about their buddy, their shipmate, the other guy in the foxhole that depended upon them. What they knew though was that for every one of them there were thousands of us at home depending upon them.

God established the pattern of power and blood. He exercised His powerful wrath upon His own Son and permitted man to shed His Son’s blood for our spiritual freedom. Unfortunately we live in an imperfect world therefore, today we exercise the great power of our military and permit the enemy to shed the blood of our son’s, daughters, fathers and mothers for our national freedom. Moreover, we will have to do it again and again and again. We know that.

Our founding fathers knew this and they knew these lessons came from the Bible. That is why as a government they approved the printing of a Bible for our schools. That is why Noah Webster said, “education is worthless without the Bible.” That is why our constitution is wholly inadequate to govern a nation that does not believe in God. That is also why America is the most giving, most selfless, most caring and most prosperous in the world. Because we are Christian in founding, that Spirit still prevails. The Aitken Bible Project encourages our young people to consider the deeper truths of our founding and forgo the shallow falsehoods of today.

Power and blood folks; that is the way it has always been. One again, search for the true history of yesterday to dispel the revisionist history of today.

Timothy R. Senter


Chaplain, American Legion Post 33

Pastor, Grace Bible Church

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How we began

This is where it all began. In 2010 our church theme was posed in the form of a question, “What can we do for our country.” We focused upon 2 Chronicles 7:14 as our theme verse.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

My wife's creativity - what a wonderful job she does on these bulletin boards. This is the original 2010 bulletin board to introduce our annual theme.

My wife’s creativity – what a wonderful job she does on these bulletin boards. This is the original 2010 bulletin board to introduce our annual theme.

We reviewed sections of the Journals of the Continental Congress, looked at biographies of our great founding fathers, and even considered expositions by John Witherspoon, a founding father, president of Princeton Theological Seminary and minister.

In February we found the Aitken Bible and wondered if God would have us do something with it. Through a number of church family meetings and strategy sessions, we conceived a package that could be helpful to educators. We wanted to concentrate on the historic aspect of the Bible and the documentation surrounding its printing. This way it is mostly a history lesson, but it is also God’s word and He can do with it what He wishes (Is 55:11). To assess what God might do, or what He might not do, we determined to simply put up a web link on our church website. We did some word of mouth advertisement locally, but nothing really nationally. God gave  us enough funding to print the two parchments (the 1777 and 1781 petitions) the two sided pages 468 and 469 from the Journals of the Continental Congress of September 12, 1782. He also funded our ability to print a one page letter to these chief educators explaining the materials and their applicability in the state’s curriculum. The giving we received was nothing short of amazing considering we did nothing to receive it. We operate on this simple principle of faith (2 Cor 5:7) and believe God can do all things through us (Phil 4:13).

That’s how this all started. It is a huge undertaking. In all of Wyoming there are some 380+ schools. The Los Angeles Unified School District has 439 schools alone on the traditional calendar. We know this is a monumental job. With simple men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. All things meaning we can get a Bible to every principal and superintendent. God can use that to save souls. We know it is almost insurmountable, but we serve an unsurpassed God.

Join us today.

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